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In his years as a world champion boxer Antonio Cervantes, better known as "Kid Pambele", was an influent character that had dinner with celebrities, took pictures next to Colombia's president and assisted to all the social events of the year invited by show business celebrities. He was ingrained into Colombian and Venezuelan people´s memory, not only because of his powerful punch but also for his relationship with all the jet-set members. All this occurred during his victory years. The opposite side of the story is dark. Pambele has been as famous far from boxing as when he was near to it, wearing his gloves. And all of this caused by his loud public scandals, his excessive drug abuse and his frequent violent episodes. Such behavior has turned him into some sort of "Cursed Poet" of the ring. This life that which goes from heaven to hell, from glory to defeat, will be recreated throughout the TV series with eighty one hour episodes each that will narrate Antonio Cervantes's, the "Kid Pambele" tragic and glorious life. We will see the innocence and joy that characterized his first years as a street boxer working at Cartagena's plazas polishing shoes where he met the love of his life, Carlina Orozco. His discipline was outstanding, he tried to defeat all obstacles and opponents with it during his first years in Venezuela. In Caracas, just like it happened in Colombia the public got infuriated as he got on the ring to fight. But then, Tabaquito Planz and his manager Ezequiel Mercado, turned Antonio into the “Kid Pambele", a crushing machine that launched his dictatorship for eight straight years in the Walter Junior division.In Caracas Pambele also met Aurora, a woman with great aspirations and that with time would turn into the third angle of the triangle that his love life was. And that's how Pambele's life turned into a double play where he took Aurora to the altar next to Colombia's high social class and instead he carried Carlina in his heart until his last moment of lucidity. While Pambele defended his title as World Champion, his life started to combine itself with drugs and alcohol, progressively he started to leave all his fortune, his goals and his discipline as a boxer. During these years of abuse Pambele became a victim of an affective bipolar disorder and turns into some sort of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: when he was sober, he was a gentleman, but when he was drunk or under the influence of drugs, he became a violent and dangerous man. Our story ends en 2000 when Pambele was induced to the honor Boxing World Hall of Fame of New York. Honor he shared with big stars like Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.  At the same time the Colombian news paper "El Tiempo" names him the most important sportsman of the XX century. This is the story of a man that besides fighting his rivals and his surroundings, ends up fighting himself. In fewer words this is the story of: Antonio Cervantes Vs. the "Kid Pambele".



A.F. Cortés


Sergio Osorio

Juancho Cardona


Juan Carlos Caicedo Rassi

Manolo Cardona



Raúl Prieto

Claudia Sánchez (episodios 1-13)

Jorge Ribbón


Claudia Valencia



A.F. Cortés

Andrés Libreros


Daniel salcedo


Diego Rendón

Juan Pablo Motta


Alfonso Parra

Lukas Kristo


Diana Trujillo


Sandra Camacho


Vivianne Saler


Jorge Avendaño

José Menéndez


Carlos ‘Uru’ Ortega del Río


Mario Duarte


Nathaly Mesa


Osvaldo Montes


Jaime Cujabán


El libro de Alberto Salcedo Ramos ‘El oro y la oscuridad. La vida gloriosa y trágica de Kid Pambelé’


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A short, robust, tanned man, with a recognizable afro and flowered shirts."Tabaquito" was ready to be a champion when he suffered an unfortunate accident that changes his dreams of becoming a boxer. This is why he decides to become a coach in order to be related to boxing, this way meeting Pambele, and discovering all his potential. He is responsible for shaping Antonio as a boxer, never doubted about his abilities. Very strict when it came to training, he manages to control Pambele and turns into his friend and mentor until Pambele loses his mind over fame that the championship gave him. "Tabaquito" rejects all the corruption that starts evolving around boxing and although he respects Mercado's decision, never stops questioning him

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Antonio's youngest sibling. A sweet and loving young girl that has always seen her brother as a hero. She has Pambele's back each time he escapes to the pear for a fight and never doubts him. In order to help out her family, Julia even begs for money on the streets, and even then she never loses her faith towards her older brother.

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Pambele's mother, suffers from a manic depressive illness. A woman that comes from a very humble background and sells little cakes at the market in order to sustain her family. Cerafina is capable of exhibiting great affection toward her children, but also great fury when she has one of her attacks.

At the beginning she was opposed to Antonio's dream of becoming a boxer, unraveling great episodes of rage against him. Because of her illness she is not totally capable of managing her house on her own and relies a lot on her children, and she is totally convinced that the man of the house has to be in charge and respond for the house.  She carries around deep sadness caused by her husband's abandonment and it increases, up to the stage of almost absent mind, as Antonio her beloved child leaves her to pursue his career in Venezuela.

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He is a sport's journalist from the Colombian coast, with great skills. Cristobal has been following Pambele's footsteps since the double "tongo"- trick used by boxers accepting money in order to lose a fight- till today. He is confrontational and objective. He does not keep things back and in the same way he applauds Pambele's victories, he also attacks him harshly when he makes mistakes.

As he is working as a reporter for Radio Costa in Cartagena, he gets a job offer in Caracas, almost at the same time that Antonio travels to develop his career in Venezuela.

In the newspaper "El Mundial", he becomes one of the best journalist and his interviews are acclaimed from all Colombian and Venezuelan Media.

One of Cristobal's success as a journalist was being able to create the magazine, which would later on become a TV show "Without Gloves". A special time dedicated to narrate boxer's lives outside the ring. In the word champion's downfall, Cristobal decides to write Pambele's biography.

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He is a young businessman in the boxing world. He has a few pounds to spare, without being fat. He always dresses with light shade colors and wears his hair combed back with gel, Ezequiel is used to mix his drinks with his finger, drink during the fights due to his nerves and a particular obsession towards puzzles. Mercado is a middle class man, but a very skilled social climber, owner of "La Vega" gym where Pambele will be trained to be a world Champion.

He has a low or nonexistent sense of fashion or glamour, he is kind of rough around the edges. Pambele is the golden goose egg for Mercado. Even if he never got to trust him truly as a boxer - or maybe he did, but deep inside - He takes advantage of Pambele's world champion title in order to milk all the money he can. Mercado is a very ambitious man that's looking to milk every situation that presents itself and especially when it comes to Pambele's success.

The magic formula he used to manage Pambele to win his fights was insulting him in a very vulgar way from one of the ring's corner. Mercado supports Cervantes during his glory time and abandons him when he is in disgrace. Always maintaining some distance because he always thought he was better than him.

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She is a thin girl, with nice curves, delicate face, mischievous look and voluptuous lips. Middle class family background. Aurora has always surrounded herself with high class acquaintances and enjoys some luxury. She lives in Caracas with Graciela her mother and works as a secretary at the newspaper "El Mundial". Nevertheless Aurora is a woman that does not settle down and knowing she is a great journalist she seeks to move forward in her career.

Aurora meets Antonio when she starts to work as Cristobal Roman's assistant and from the beginning there's chemistry between them. However, and in spite of their clandestine encounters, Aurora feels "shame" of being involved with Antonio. The particular thing is that day by day she will start to fall in love with Pambele, with whom she expects to start dating formally, as Cervantes wins the title at the World Championship.

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She is a beautiful black skinned woman, born in the Colombian coast. Pambele's first love and mother of his first child. Humble background, even though her mother Yamile, always remembered when they experienced better times.  All this leads Carlina to keep on being a simple and faithful woman. Carlina is not ambitious, and the only thing she wants is to have a family and live next to her husband and kids.

After meeting Antonio and falling in love with him, she dumps her boyfriend in order to stay with Pambele. After making love to her for the first time, Antonio leaves her, and travels to Venezuela where later on they will meet again and revive their history.

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The "Kid Pambele". Black race fellow, tall, thin but with very well defined muscles. A kid with a huge load over his shoulders, and a man blown away by his superiority dreams. As he was the oldest brother, Antonio decided to take care of all his family. Following act he started working at a very young age selling cigarettes or polishing shoes. Nevertheless, and due to his mother's constant reprehends, it was easier for Antonio to access effortless money through street fights at the pier. The place where the "Kid Pambele" was discovered by Clemente Roballo, back then Colombia's best boxer.

Antonio starts working out in Cartagena where he is known as a boxer with no grace at all, he was in so much need that he had to sell out his own defeat. This is why Pambele travels to Venezuela, place he starts training next to Tabaquito Planz and all of it orchestrated by Ezequiel Mercado. They are responsible for his World Championship in the Walter Junior division in October-1972. But in his personal life, Antonio was no winner like he was inside the ring. Because he was always surrounded by scandals, love triangles and a regrettable drug addiction.